"kangaroo" dog

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Our lucky charm dog


Thank u very much to those who made a positive/negative comment. Every dog has a right to live and therefore we shall keep feety as long as we can. Fyi, we never missed any single vaccine and constantly giving our dog her vitamins. Likewise, we are still looking for a wheelchair of any kind that suites feetys front arms. However, its hard to find any match. We consider feety as part of our family and not just any other dog.

For some fellows who would want our dog be killed, try to put yourselves in our shoes, feety doesnt have any health problem other than her being disabled. Now, would you guys have your dog killed just like that instead of showing all your care and love as your own family?

Going back, feety was born disabled, would you guys kill your dog upon seeing her like that? I personally dont care how you guys judge our dog w/ those comments you have in mind as long as we are doing our part as feetys family member. Lastly, look over yourself in a mirror before you make a comment.


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