Punjabi Dubbed Hollywood movies

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Punjabi Dubbed Hollywood movies ,baby's day out in punjabi full movie

Hollywood movies dubbed in Punjabi (official language of province Punjab, Pakistan). Most of the time they translate to Punjabi but in a hilarious way so original theme is preserved.

Punjabi Dubbed, or punjabi re-recording, is a post-production process used in english movies and video production, in which recording occurs subsequent to the original recording stage. It includes Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR), also known as Additional Dialogue Recording, which involves the original actors re-recording and synchronizing audio segments. Music is also subject to the Punjabi dubbing process in the post-editing stage of a film or TV show. The term most commonly refers to the substitution of the voices of the actors shown on the screen with those of different performers speaking another language.

Baby's Day Out Dubbed

Baby's Day Out Dubbed is a 1994 American family comedy Dubbed film, written by John Hughes, produced by Richard Vane and John Hughes, and directed by Patrick Read Johnson. The hollywood Dudding film stars Joe Mantegna, Joe Pantoliano and Brian Haley, as well as twins Adam and Jacob Worton as Baby Bink. The plot centers around a wealthy baby's kidnapping by three incompetents, his escape and adventure through a big city while being pursued by the three kidnappers.

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